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Welcome to A & N Frozen Foods

NO IMPORTS, everything bred on site, in East Anglia

Why choose A & N products?

A & N Frozen Foods is a husband & wife team, from the Suffolk/Norfolk border, who have been producing top quality rodents in the UK since 2001.

We are dedicated to offering the highest levels of quality and service whilst maintaining the lowest prices in todays market.

For many years, we have kept our own Reptiles and Birds of Prey, therefore we feel that we totally understand the needs of our customers with regards to quality. (You will never receive a rodent covered in blood or its own faeces).

We will NEVER supply a product which we would not happily feed to our own animals.

All of our animals are free from antibiotics and other chemicals and all reared in accordance with current guidelines. Their dispatch is carried out under controlled conditions, using non-toxic and fast acting gases.

We are licensed and regularly inspected by DEFRA for the production of Category 3 Material: For feeding to Reptiles & Birds of Prey.

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